Nate Dogg’s Diary Shows He Still Had Fun Even When The Homies Can’t Have None


Excerpt from Nate Dogg’s unreleased diary

Dear Diary

Like most nights on the eastside of the LBC, I was hanging with my homies looking for fun. Life is always fun with Nate Dogg around.

I was with my homies Diary. We stopped at Denny’s after hitting that chronic and I got a Moon Over My Hammi. My homies got omelets. I was down to chill but they were there just macking on top notch hoes. These bitches were strippers who just got off their shift. They threw shade at my homies but they joined me, and these bitches were like, “Nate Dogg, we want to have some fun with you.”

And I was like, “Ai’ight, but it ain’t no fun if my homies can’t have none.”

“That is ai’ight, we just want to have fun with you.”

I took these hoes to the Denny’s bathroom. I started singing for these tricks, serenading these hoes as they gave me all the pussy and they even licked my balls. I finished and then went out and finished my Moons Over My Hammi. Shit tasted as good as that pussy.

I finished my plate, looked up at my homies, “Y’all looked like you had no fun.”

My homies nodded their yeah, and my main homie in the 212 crew said, “Nate Dogg, it ain’t no fun, when the homies can’t have none.”

I said nothing and nodded that I agreed, but that was some bullshit. As long as I get some, it’s always fun, but only you need to know this Diary.


Nate Dogg.


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