‘WIZARD’ Slated for Christmas 2016 Premiere

Mike Mike as Special K. in WIZARD (2016, directed by Jayme Karales)

Max Hutchinson (Jayme Karales) is a teacher-cum-podcaster who, partnered with janitor Bishop Lang (Kenney Dorcely), has amassed an audience of thousands through their weekly talk program The Hutchcast. Their show is well received and gaining new listeners with every episode but Max isn’t entirely content with that. After hearing the news that his former close friend Paul (Michael Malkiewicz) has gone on to land a major sitcom deal centered around their experiences in teaching, Max is compelled to outdo his ex-best friend. Things take a turn for the worse when his on-screen counterpart Sam Adelson (Jacob A. Miller) reaches out to Max to study him for a week for method acting. Max views this as an opportunity to sabotage the upcoming show, but in turn puts himself and Bishop in an increasingly vulnerable–and violent–position.

Posed as a direct spin-off to the upcoming film Practice Makes Perfect (an adaption of the 2015 book of the same name), Wizard stars Jayme Karales, Kenney Dorcely, Amy Fox, Mike Mike, Jacob A. Miller, Michael Malkiewicz, Gary Miller, Leza Cantoral, Christoph Paul, and Kinson Theodoris as Principal Healy.

Wizard is tentatively slated for a Christmas 2016 release.


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