Hours vs. Days / Job vs. Hobby


It’s not really about writing every day. I do write every day and it helps me a lot to stay in a rhythm, but it’s not about days for me. It is about hours.

I’ve noticed that a lot of writers like to look at time in a certain way. They talk about months, years, weeks, and days, but they do not ever talk about hours.

If you get a book done in a month or in a year, what does that mean in the term of hours?

If one author spends 6 to 10 hours a day on that book, that can be around 240 hours in a month on that book. What if the other author spent an hour a day for 4 days a week on the other book? It is pretty much the same. Yet, the 8 hour-a-day writer is going to have a lot more books and writing time under their belt.

Now, that first writer is blessed to write full-time, but if that second writer found a way to write 15 hours a week, like it was a part-time job, that person could write two books that year and if one of them took off, maybe that person could go full-time after a few years.

When looking at writing professionally there are two types of writers, those who writer part-time at 15-20 hours of week and those are full-time and write forty hours a week. When you treat it like a job and not a hobby a lot of things can open it up.

It’s all about putting in the hours, nothing more, nothing less. If you are not putting the hours you think you can put in, then find things to cut out of your life. New writers, if you can’t get 15 hours of week of writing in (and don’t forget your need to read at least the same amount,) it will probably just remain a hobby, and you know what, that is ok.

I play music now as a hobby and I don’t worry about practicing or playing a certain amount each week. I do it because I┬álove it.

I am an amateur and that is ok.

I play music for fun and write to make money and that makes me happy.

Find out which path will lead you to your own contentment. Whatever the case, how you choose spend those hours will determine what kind of writer you will be.


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