‘Practice Makes Perfect’ Just $9.99


“Wedding videographer Heath Álvarez is looking for something new to reignite his passion for life. Cue elementary school teacher and stand up comedian Paul Brokovich. Fed up with mundanity and the susceptible youth of Parkins’ Elementary, Paul hires Álvarez to document the 24 hours leading up to his most crucial gig to date.

What Álvarez will discover about Paul and the lengths he’ll go to gain acceptance in the comedy community, however, will unhinge him.”

Get it in Paperback for $9.99 or Kindle for $3.99 from Amazon

“Practice Makes Perfect captures the rootlessness of our own time as deftly as Hemingway did in The Sun Also Rises. This is not only a skilled novella, but an important one.”

– Charles Bane, Jr., Three Seasons: Letters With Donald Hall

“The most socially relevant book I’ve read in a while. [Practice Makes Perfect] is a necessary discourse on comedy in the age of political correctness.”

– Ken Dereste Dorcely, Life Tone Changed

“It’s like Louie meets Bad Teacher.”

– Christoph Paul, Great White House and (as Mandy De Sandra) Kirk Cameron & The Crocoduck of Chaos Magick


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