Why Mercury Retrograde is Shit… But You’re Better Off Believing In It Anyway

This isn’t a piece on if you agree with me or not, this is merely what it is.

Every few months or so, Mercury appears to be circling backwards around the sun, and when that happens, it’s known as Mercury Retrograde.
tumblr_inline_nojy55Salf1qgzp3v_540Has your life become a swirling cloud of shit where nothing seems to go right and (almost) everything is breaking down?

You can blame Mercury.

Or not.

It’s common knowledge that shit does happen, even when the planets aren’t spinning out of wack, but this brief period (and by brief, I mean it lasts for three weeks) is generally one held in apprehension, if not annoyance.

If you’re into astrology or the universe or anything like that, you would’ve remarked on the numerous deaths of beloved celebrities seemingly one right after the other in the month of January.

Keep in mind, the Retrograde period ends the 25th. We may see a complete stop in cancer-related-well-known-celebrity-deaths after that date, or they may continue.

Which is why I ask myself, why do we, as humans feel the need to place power over planets, beings, or governing bodies beyond ourselves. When the worst hapens, its, “It was meant to be,” or “the planet that controls communication, relating to people, the internet, letters, publishing…etc. is not working properly and we should just sit this one out ’till it corrects itself.” Why is that a thing?

Is there some power these beliefs hold on us?

Was the fact that my desktop computer breaking down during a Mercury Retrograde proof that the retrograde phenomenon exists? (I still haven’t had it fixed but that’s beyond the point.)

Or is the fact that my boyfriend and I broke up a few days after the retrograde started proof that it exists? Do I blame all the confusion and weirdness at this time on the stars or on the simple phrase, “That’s the way life is sometimes?”

There’s one thing a lot of these periods have done for me is, regardless of the situation, step back, reflect, and when I feel ready (or when mercury redirects itself), move forward with a better understanding of myself, the situation, which then enables me to leave it in the past (where, normally I would’ve stayed and graveled to my own ruin. Don’t stare, it’s a frequent thing).

See, here’s the thing, even if we don’t believe in it, something will stop us and force us to reexamine our lives and where we can be better off, hell, it may happen in that weird ‘shadow period‘ before the retrograde is supposed to start.

But for all of you itching to get a move on in whatever plans or ideas you have, you’re better off waiting ’till the 25th, or you know, if you don’t believe in it, you can go ahead and do whatever you want.

But why would you want to risk it?


S.C. Parris is the author of The Dark World series due out in late 2016. She likes tacos. Making tacos, dreaming about tacos, and inhaling tacos. She may write a taco-related book in the near future.


About S.C. Parris

S.C. Parris is the author of the forthcoming The Dark World series (Permuted Press, 2016) and loves all things dark, horror, and vampires. She is currently writing the fourth book in the series.

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  1. Namma

    What’s stupid is not realizing that all the crap whizzing by in space just “might” have something to do with life on Earth? So many people claim to be scientifically-minded and yet are so full of hubris they cannot say “We just don’t know yet”. The cosmos ARE atomic. EVERYTHING is atomic. Therefore the FACT that things spin AROUND each other has something to do with the persistence of it’s existence. D’uh. If the happenstance that astrologists are the only ones referring to this “bothers” anyone then get the fricking scientists to do their jobs and actually put attention on pure science instead of pandering for dollars.

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