Glenn Beck: Pig Fucker

I had to do some driving today, and rather than listen to Bowie like I have been, incessantly, for the last few days, I put on talk radio.

*snorts; slaps knee*

Right Wing Radio, which, if you say it fast, is a tongue twister. The RIGHT Wing, as opposed to the WHITE Wing, embodied by Hillary Clinton and First Rapist, Bill. The White Wing, with its own subtle brand of racism expressed in lowered expectations for minorities (who are almost a majority now). The White Wing, with its fingernails across a chalkboard elitism.

There’s a difference between the two, but not much–no matter what the internet tells you.

So it was Glenn Beck on the radio, and the poor pig fucker was having a shit fit about the Trump, how he’s the worst candidate in the history of the Universe, how he’s terrible and disgusting, how he simply cannot fathom that Trump is actually beating the line up of establishment cocksucking party boys currently proffered. I mean, lookit them. They don’t know which ass to kiss first. How can you not love them?

Donald Trump, (RNC 2015)

On and on, he went. At one point he was practically screeching, at another he seemed near tears. The poor pathetic pig fucking bastard.

All in all, it was terribly amusing.

Now, you say Trump is a racist, but it’s 2016 and ‘racist’ ain’t what it used to be. Nowadays, it’s just what you call someone who disagrees with you, especially if you’re on the Left. After all, only a racist or a sexist or a homophobe or some other type of bigot would dare question the pure intentions and vast wisdom of a liberal.

*snorts; slaps knee*

Glenn Beck is not a racist, even though he’s white. He is a pig fucker, though, like I mentioned before. Admittedly, I don’t know if Glenn is an actual, real live pig fucker like those guys in ISIS. I do not know, nor care about his sexual peccadilloes. But, come on, isn’t ‘pig fucker’ hilarious? I wanna call everyone that, especially those who disagree with me. Hey, at least it ain’t as tired and played out as ‘racist’.

I eventually shut him off and put Bowie back on. Had to. The poor fool was was making me want to vote for Trump TWICE. God knows I couldn’t do that unless I was in a blue state, where it’s harder to buy beer or open a checking account than it is to choose a President.


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    1. Robert blevins

      Your to raisist to understand conservative point of view. You will vote Hillery when she is in jail . don’t need a reply your just siring up shit

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