David Bowie Taught Us How to Die

David Bowie was beautiful in life and death, but perhaps especially in death.

I’d like to think so, dying myself at some point. He knew he was going to die for 18 months, a year and a half, and he kept working on what would be his last album, which turns out to be about death, and brilliant to boot.

David Bowie, “Lazarus” (2015)

How will you die? Curled up in a fetal position saying, “NO NO NO”, or with the grace and class of Bowie?

It’s no secret that we live in a youth-dominated culture, but all youth fades. Death is weird to us, in this youth-culture, even though it is perfectly natural and going to happen to everyone. We have made it weird.

Mr. Bowie had previous knowledge of his death. Imagine: knowing that you’re going to die. What would you do? Say you had 18 months like Bowie. How different would you be?

But the the fact is we ALL have previous knowledge of our deaths. We are all going to die and will. The number may not be as precise as 18 months, but there’s a number nevertheless.

I have a heart condition and often think of death. I was more worried when my son was younger, but now that he’s a grown man, I can die at any time, free of charge.

What I like about David Bowie’s death, is that he was fully invested in it. It influenced his writing and music. In many ways, his death was his last work of art. How cool is that?

He was BLESSED with the knowledge of his approaching death. Many die suddenly and do not have such a luxury… to say their final goodbyes, to create their final work of art, to put a final period on their time here.


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