Bernie Jumps Ahead After Months-Long Slump

It’s no secret that Bernie Sanders’ fans are both loyal and rabid. But as of late the Vermont senator hasn’t been able to quite capture the same fire that he had with those early ‘Feel the Bern’ rallies. Some blame it on his first debate with Hillary Clinton, where the 74-year-old appeared more than cordial to his opponent and her criminal history with private servers. Others dismissed his campaign as a soon-to-be meme. A positive ‘Kony 2012’ for the left.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.56.24 PM
Clinton may not be smiling for long…

But after falling into a slump that seemingly lasted months, Sanders is finally starting to make progress again.

Sanders has officially taken the lead in New Hampshire and is winning by quite a stretch in Iowa. Not only that, but according to the latest Monmouth University survey, Clinton is supported by 52% of liberal voters whereas Sanders now gets 37% support among Democratic voters, up 11 points from last month’s survey.

There is still quite a climb but since Saturday’s debate there have been some stirrings about the upcoming election and its possible retreading over the 2008 primaries, where Clinton had a sizable lead over a young Barack Obama–only to be trampled in the end.


Will history repeat itself? Or will Clinton’s campaign finally clinch the nomination, and possibly the presidency?



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