God’s Suicide Note

Last night the lifeless body of God was found on the floor of its apartment in the Sagittarius arm, near the center of the milky way galaxy.

Evidence has pointed toward this possibly being a case of suicide. The victim was found holding a pencil in their right hand and a suicide note in the other one. The authorities have yet the confirm the authenticity of said-suicide note, but they’ve assured us that the graphologists are working as fast as they can to confirm whether the note was or wasn’t written by God itself.

One of our reporters had unprecedented access to the note (which consisted of two sheets of paper that you can read below:)

When you plant a seed you expect it to grow into a beautiful plant or a vigorous tree, yet you know the possibility exists that it becomes a poisonous plant. 3.8 billions years ago, when I planted that seed, I really hoped it’d become something beautiful… and even though I knew there was a possibility that it could go wrong, I could have never imagined that instead, that plant would become the worst of all poisons. A poison so deadly it ultimately killed itself upon running out of things to kill.

Forgive me for my bad handwriting but my hand is shaking from the anxiety. I never thought this moment would arrive but I don’t want to be here anymore. Or should I say, I want to be here, but I can’t stand being here anymore.

Of all the things I created, I always thought that humans were the ones that could have been potentially greater. I watched them grow. I watched them evolve. I witnessed them leaving the sea and venturing into the land. I’ve seen their inventions. I’ve seen them develop languages and tools. I’ve seen them solve problems like no other species did. I saw them create. I saw them figure out the place and function of every plant and animal, but they couldn’t figure out their own. I saw them take but never give back. I saw them dream but I never saw them understanding. I witnessed them isolating themselves under the false notion that they were an entity outside of the earth. And ultimately… I saw them kill. I saw them murder. Not just themselves, but the environment and species around them.

I’m not mad that they kill or murder. Death is part of life. Animals kill other animals in order to survive. But not humans. Of all species, only one kills for fun. Them. Humans. And the thing I hate the most is that they use me as an excuse to justify their actions.

I hate all of you humans. Each and every one of you. For ages I’ve seen you commit all sorts of atrocities in my name. All of you. Religion against religion, each claiming a different truth, each truth wronger than the others. I’ve seen you subjugate woman in order to avoid controlling your impulses. I’ve seen you burn them at the stake for being more intelligent than you. I’ve seen you kill artists in the name of omnipotent gods that, ironically, cannot avenge themselves. I’ve witnessed holocausts and massacres against collectives of people just because the god they worshiped wasn’t the same. I’ve seen allegoric books being read literally. I’ve seen you preaching them. I’ve seen you repeating the things you read without understanding them. I’ve seen towers, cities and statues being blown to smithereens. The gods in their walls weren’t yours, everything destroyed because you didn’t understand that the only truth is that all of you were wrong. That every god in every religion comes from the same root. Me.

There are obviously some of you that have never done anything wrong in that sense. These are the ones I hate the most. The ones that stay silent. The ones that feel attacked when people say that their god doesn’t exist, but then say nothing when people kill in the name of that god they worship. I’ve witnessed people look to the other side when people were being decapitated for believing in a different god. I’ve witnessed the discrimination of homosexuals and women in my name. But worst than the people who kill, the people who discriminate, the people who hate. Worse than them are the ones that stay silent. The one’s who stay passive when things get rough. The Germans who kept mum during the Holocaust. The Muslims who never condemn ISIS or Boko Haram. The Jews that enjoyed the bombings of Palestine. The Americans who cry about 9/11 but never complained about the deaths they caused in Afghanistan. The Christians who’re okay with the discrimination of homosexuals. The Pope who can’t say what he wants because of the institution he represents. The ones that deny climate change because they have investments in the companies that cause it. The ones whose silence is fueling all of the hate, all the suffering, and all the pain. The noise they make echoes in your silence.

I’ve seen you reach your evolutive peek. And now I’m witnessing your decay. Don’t be so cruel to ask a parent to watch its child die. Don’t ask me to watch you destroy all the good things in my name. Don’t ask me to stay and witness your apocalypse.

To the ones making noise, I have nothing to say to you because my experience tells me that you won’t listen. But to the silent majority, the ones that listen but don’t speak up, I do have something to say to you. I have only piece of one advice:

Raise your voice. Raise it above the hate. Raise it above the hypocrisy. Raise it. Scream until you lose your voice. In the name of the human goodness that is left on earth. No matter what your color, your race, your sex, your gender or your religion. Raise your voice.

Raise it.

Raise it or witness the beginning of the end.

Your own end.


About Joel Amat Güell

Joel is an illustrator, graphic designer and writer from Catalunya. He has designed for bands and clothing brands you probably have never heard of and for some that you probably have. He has designed and illustrated other stuff for other people too.

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