Chaturbate: A Step Toward Singularity


I’m at a hotel right now. I am in Wilkes-Barre, PA for a week. I am working on finishing an MFA at a low-res program. It’s been a great time so far and I have a day off of school, so I figured I’d do a marathon writing session and finish a book I’ve been working on.

Well, I finished that fucker around 4:00 AM and felt a thrill and a rush that is better than drugs, sex, and cheeseburgers combined. I have plenty of books under my belt but that feeling of finishing never gets old. You feel exhaustion and euphoria. You always want to celebrate and feel some kind of pleasure.

You want to keep that pleasure sensation going.

The problem is it is 4:50 AM and I’m in a shitty hotel room. It then hits me, there is an activity I used to love to do about two years ago when I wasn’t in a relationship—to look at some porn.

Why not celebrate with the Muse and rub one out for Aphrodite.

It seems like forever since I looked at porn. I go to my old standby Tubegaloredotcom and before I could even click on what I want, a site called Chaturbate pops up.

I click on it because there are hot naked women masturbating and then there are 50 different girls, guys, and transsexuals, and couples all getting down in a little screen.

It looks like the Hollywood Squares of porn.

These are real people in real time masturbating knowing you will be masturbating to them.

This blows my mind. This isn’t porn. This is something else. Something my teenage self would have never left the house if this had existed.

One of the big themes in the book I finished was the idea of singularity—that man and machine will be so intertwined we will become one being.

Well shit, Chaturbate is definitely a step in that direction.

It is more sad than sexy, like if YouTube comments could comment in real time. I feel bad seeing the horrific shit these troll tell these girls, but they don’t seem to mind. There is a tip option on Chaturbate and put two and two together that the Trolls are the best tippers.

I won’t lie, this is still very hot, but it also very disenchanting.

The product of online porn is moving fast, almost too fast. Faster than the mind is able to keep up with, this is David Foster Wallace’s prediction in Infinite Jest. It is freaky to think about what online porn will be like in two years, or god help us in twenty.

There are a lot of people who spend more and more time on the Internet. They live there and many becoming the worst version of themselves, using the digital world to dominate, assert themselves, and treat others like objects.

Yet, Chaturbate is probably the most lifelike connection to sex. Those who are lonely and struggle in the dating scene will find it easier to use porn to find what feels like connections.

It’s going to be interesting to see the two groups form this century—those who live online and those who don’t.


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