Why You Need God

You need god because there needs to be a reason why things are unfair and there needs to be an explanation why you are unfair. Plain and simple.

The universe is so inexplicably awe inspiring. The sheer mechanics of matter working together to create complex bonds and relationships; which create even larger mechanisms; which in turn exist in patterns of dependence, codependence, coercion, and opposition; which in turn make even larger mechanisms; which in turn, and not at the top of the ridiculous aspects of the universe, make humans up, our eyes, teeth, tongues, brains; which in turn determine our abstractions like thoughts, beliefs, music, etcetera. is mind blowing on a simple basis of, wow, this is unimaginable complex. surely, things can’t be so perfect to create such harmony of objective existence.

So for us to have an inkling of the odds of all these things working together while here on earth, and know we developed a thing called fictional narrative and humor, then TV, then somewhere down the road we have The Cosby Show, and then even further down the road, we have more than fifty women come forward saying the star of that show drugged and raped them, is disheartening. There’s a general discordance to the wonder of all life and what people choose to do with that strange wonderful happening. To exist is a gift. Basic knowledge of life tells us this. The question is, why are we so fucked?

Asking heavy questions like that is hard; enter god. God is workable construct and he works for you if you believe in him, not the other way around.

He can be every flake of human grace. He can be the food you serve to the homeless. He can be the empathy you instill in your children. He can be the love you have for every human being. He can be high-fives. He can be the hilarity in a evening of blunts and good times with your closest friends. Across the board, he can be every moment of ascent past the drudgery of existing in survival mode. This side of the god construct is alright by me really. I have no complaints if people need a supreme being to motivate good will. It’s a little fragile, but good will is good.

Here’s the adverse effects of god. Since you need god to paint your ideas and experiences with omnibenevolence, you’ve created a system of rigid patterns or cycles. By creating, supporting, and propagating an object of faith that directly reflects you but with the gravitas of divine creation and sustenance, you’ve essentially created a mirror that compliments you no matter what your actions are. This is dangerous.

A confederate redneck wedding.

God can be the hate in your heart. He can be your argument against homosexual marriage. He can be the bullet in your gun. He can be the blood on your blade. He can be the every punch or kick you give to a person of color at a Donald Trump rally while you yell, MONKEY, GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY. He can be the reason you’re fighting mad when you think about immigrants, strong black youths standing up for their rights as human beings, women choosing what they do with an overcooked egg in their uterus, and young white people who acknowledge white privilege. God can be your spiritual patron of war, famine, death, and tyranny. He can be every carbonized, charbroiled manifestation of cruelty we participate in as collection of sentient beings. The validation you assign your experiences and actions matters. It’s your hall pass to fuck off while a whole class of humans are learning the unbiased nature of existing and how to live well while traversing the unbiased nature of the universe.

Pretty-eyed Christ

I completely understand it’s hard to take the death of a loved one. I understand it’s hard to clock into a job you hate every day. I understand it’s hard to make love to a partner that no longer excites or supports you emotionally. I understand it’s hard to birthe and take care of children you don’t want. I really do empathize with all the plights of current life and why you think need the support from god.

But the lower side of the god construct supports cruel cycles. Those cruel cycles in which we identify ourselves. It’s such a part of our cultural lexicon to be inherently miserable we use humor and jokes to identify the discordance between the choices we make and the known alternatives to misery. Instead of changing ineffective devices, we support them with the omniscience of a god, a divine plan, or a narrative of spiritual trial.

This is no trial. You are not the center of the universe. The creator of all would have no reason to think of you. You do not need god, but more importantly, if god is real, he doesn’t need you.


Life can be simple if you want it to be. If you will it to be. All you need patience, focus, a will to understand, and calmness in the uncertainty of every day. We use god to explain the misery and cruelty in ourselves and others or we use god to explain bad or good experiences that are a part of the objective nature of existing. But, life happens with or without him. The reason you think you can explain god to me is because, as a construct, he was created to reflect the nature of man and the thoughtless, non-sentient relationship of all things.

So does god exist? Sure, why not. Keep in mind though. He is your object of faith and support for narrative. All things existed before we named them and the names we assign are as arbitrary as the functionality in our narrative.

Let me end this with, I used “he” throughout this essay, because, historically speaking, authority and gravitas is identified as male in a patriarchal system, which we still use in most of the western world. God could be a gender neutral fractal fart if you so choose. God is a tool of narrative.


About Charles Ray Hastings Jr.

Charles Ray Hastings Jr. is a musician, producer, and writer based in Huntsville, Alabama. The twenty-nine year old Alabama native has written, recorded, and produced over twenty-five solo and band albums and has had essays and short stories published through webzines, small press, and magazines like Before Sunrise Press, Two Dollar Radio, Flaneur, and That Lit Site.

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