Dear Adam Gase

Dear Adam Gase,

There are two types of Miami Dolphin fans: one group that needs something to do on a Sunday, because they are still high on coke from partying Saturday night; the other is people who equate home, family, and regional pride with watching the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

That second group, we are going to have to watch the games on drugs too if the Dolphins can’t get their shit together.

We are sick of this shit show.

Many of us were born and raised in South Florida but live all over. We still keep out love for South Florida and the team the represents it. We defend why we are fans of a team that is as left behind this current century as steel mills and CD’s.

I’ve moved from West Palm to DC, NYC, and now New England and have met plenty other of passionate and angry Dolfans. Men who I have nothing common with but we can talk for hours about the Dolphins and their disappointments.

There is still love and we will always be loyal, but love can only go so far.

We are sick of tired of losing.

Sick of bad coaching from Wannestedt to Fireman Bill Philbin. If these names are spelled wrong, I don’t care, because they are not worth the Google search. Don’t get me started on personnel decisions.

I am at the point where normally I would just think you’re another schmuck, who will be gone in 3 to 5 years, but I see a strength in you and you have what this team needs.

You know how to get the most of what you have on the offensive side ball. Whether it is Tim Tebow, an old ass Peyton Manning (who has as many interceptions as commercials this year,) and Jay Cutler who is Brett Favre if he didn’t know how to win.

You made the most of these guys, eliminated mistakes, and gave all these teams chances to win.

That is what we need. Simple as that.

Get the most out the guys we got, but don’t just inspire them, figure out what they can do best and build a game plan and system around it.

This skill is why you were hired and I feel moderately optimistic about your hiring.

Campbell could inspire but he couldn’t game plan. Whether Campbell stays or not, won’t make or break the team. How you lead us, how you make the most of the talent (and we have talent), and how you get Tannehill to reach his potential will decide if you are just another schmuck coach, or if we finally have someone who make us remember why we became such loyal fans in the first place.

Someone who knows how to win.

Christoph Paul


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