‘Walk Hand In Hand Into Extinction’ TOC & Release Date Revealed


Clash Books is proud to present the Table of Contents of Walk Hand In Hand Into Extinction: Stories Inspired by True Detective. The collection was edited by Christoph Paul and Leza Cantoral and will be for sale later this month on Jan 25th. These are some great stories that reflect what we love about the show.

Here are the table of contents

1) Bad Men by DJ Tyrer

2) Midnight Abyss by Jayme Karales

3) Preacher by JC Drake

4) The Yeller King David W. Barbee

5) A Brief History of Bad Men by Tom Leins

6) A Myth We Call Emptiness by Jeremy Thompson

7) Meditation by Mckenzie Cassidy

8) Grieving In Reverse by Drew Chial

9) Jacob County by Mark T. Conard

10) The Man Who Collected Chambers by William Tea

11) Interrogator by Anthony Trevino

12) Just Friends by Michael W. Clark

13) Blue Armada Cometh by Graham Wooding

14) The Lord Provides by Christopher Brosnahan

15) Ecce Homo by Joel Amat Guell

16) Defilement by George P. Farrell

17) From The Dusty Mesa by David Busboom

18) The Dark Side by Andrew Shaffer.


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