A Sonnet Inspired By ‘Spring’

When I consider how love brings death,
Days are halves and my bed stays cold.
Nature kissed me and kept me from turning old,
I’m left with a life full of lonely breaths
And a restless peace with a taste for flesh.
I’ve known this life since the fall of Rome.
Italy and her shores are my only home
But a man without a home, found one upon my breast.
He was a commoner, not a king,
Yet his chemistry and spirit called to me.
His essence flew to my heart—part beast, part dove;
His touch, his truth of me, became everything.
He stayed by my side, risking life for destiny,
My life was lost, but with him I found love.


Poem inspired by film Spring.

Synopsis: An aimless young man (Lou Taylor Pucci) takes an impromptu trip to Italy and becomes involved with an alluring genetics student (Nadia Hilker) who harbors a transformative secret.

The poem is part of the upcoming collection “Horror Film Poems” by Christoph Paul with artwork by Joel Amut Guell.