White Women & The Fetishization of Gay Male Romance

It’s sickening to me that two natural, human components of life for gay men — sex and romance — have become the daydream fetish of bored white women and girls ages 15-30 (and sometimes older.) You see it everywhere. Literally everywhere.


Iron Man & Captain America artwork by Marie V., 2011

It’s never gay men clamoring for Sherlock and Watson to hook up, it’s the piggish college-aged girls who aspire to see it happen. The same girls who whine and complain when their straight male counterparts objectify them by whistling on the street. Do they not see a difference in the two?

One action being less aggressive than the other does not somehow make it superior. Gay and bisexual men are not your imaginary puppets. We do not live life and mingle with others for your entertainment or amusement. And we sure as hell do not need your picketing for our representation simply to improve your shows.

If you find yourself struggling to wrap your fragile brain around the concept, I have three words for you: get a life. Find something better to do with your time and stop compartmentalizing human beings who are trying to get on in the world to fill your ‘gay male lust’ quota.