I have high levels of empathy. Not Will Graham level, but up there.

I had to use this innate ability to get through military school. This isn’t just feeling another’s pain, but understanding them and their motives. Are they really kind person, or do they just want to kick in the back of the head steal your ramen and adderall? I used this to not get harmed. Empathy isn’t some spiritual trait, it’s just another form of Natural Selection. People who could read other people’s motives were much more likely to survive and/or see when rivals whether alpha or beta were attempting to take power, or if a mate was true to them. It’s also a very disenchanting trait. It really sucks to see through people. It’s more irritating to really see someone who is not a good person, but others hold a person in high esteem. People imagine empathetic people as fucking hippies or new agers, but we are cold hearted realists. We see what people try to hide. We see the emotion behind a phrase, that means the opposite. Most of my friends are artists and all tend to be idealists. They really see the good people and there are people who love to prey on that. We live in a time where society basically wants to tell us how ‘not enough’ we are, and we feel lost. We are looking for something or someone to help us feel empowered and a sense of meaning. We are looking for voices to comfort us and if it strikes the right chords in us, we will want hear that voice like it’s a pop song we can’t get out of our head. The truth is the only voice to do that is yours. Everyone is just scared and full of shit just to different degrees. Your voice, if you listen to observe it and focus on it, is your only real truth. Find inspiration in that voice. Challenge that voice. Speak to that voice and see what is true and what is false. When you can be honest with yourself, you will see who is really speaking to you.


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Nice Jewish boy who writes mean books. Publisher of New English Press. Rep'd by Veronika Boom and writes Bizarro Erotica as Mandy DeSandra.

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