‘The Hutchcast’ To Conclude As Feature Film


After six episodes and a coming mid-season finale, The Hutchcast will wrap up its first season’s storyline in a feature film set to arrive in 2016. Jayme Karales (Practice Makes Perfect, Convenience Store Diet), (Practice Makes Perfect, Gooby Pls), Michael Malkiewicz (Practice Makes Perfect, Shootin’ It), and the rest of the regular cast is set to reprise their roles in the theatrical adaption.

Jayme Karales (Practice Makes Perfect, Convenience Store Diet) as Max Hutchinson in the film.

After years of fascination with radio, burnt-out history teacher Max Hutchinson (Jayme Karales) finally decides to take the plunge into podcasting. Partnered with the likable, drug dealing custodian Bishop Lang (Kenney Dorcely), the duo take a shot at amassing an audience and making it big.

Mike Mike as Special K. in The Hutchcast (2015)

Staged as a direct spin-off to the upcoming film Practice Makes Perfect (2016), the currently untitled feature will tie up loose ends surrounding two of the series featured characters, Special K. (Mike Mike) and Sam Adelson (Jacob A. Miller) and will also bring Max and Bishop’s arc to a close.

It is unknown at this time if the series will continue for a second season but, in spite of the choice to conclude the first season’s storyline in a film, there are five more episodes scheduled to be released next year on the show’s YouTube channel.

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