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This is the third entry in the IN CONVERSATION series. Click here to read last week’s entry with VICE founder Gavin McInnes.

Vine is a weird medium, full of weird people. But not traditionally weird people, like, say, you’d find battling cards at a Magic: The Gathering table in your local comic book shop. No, instead Vine is full of shameless famewhores (like Brittany Furlan) who’re desperate to transcend 6 seconds of levity into something long lasting.

But there is another crowd on Vine, aside from the casual users. People with substantial followings that make videos without marketing and strategy at the forefronts of their minds. Their videos are usually less polished (i.e. shot on actual iPhones, not DSLRs) and far funnier than anything you’ll find on ‘mainstream Vine’ (I think I just shit blood from typing that.)

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 7.45.16 PM
OBT in “Barber (2015)”

There is one user in particular who happens to fall at the top of that second category, above all the others, and his name is OBT.

If you use Vine–or if don’t use Vine–you’ve probably seen at least one of his videos before. His comedy can only be described as shitposting come to life — and it is beautiful.

This is my exchange with OBT.


Jayme Karales for CLASH: First of all, what does OBT stand for?

OBT: OBT stants for Osama Bin Turnt; parody account I made a while back on Twitter. Abbreviated it and left it in the dust. Gone but not forgotten.

KARALES: Your Vines have a combined total of over 73 million loops. Would you consider yourself more influential than Morrissey?

OBT: Morrissey is way more influential than I’ll ever be. Sheer musical talent blows anything away Vine has to offer. A monkey could record a 6 second video and post it.

KARALES: What does OBT do outside of Vine and social media, both professionally and for fun?

OBT: Part time black belt yoga instructor. Traveled to yemen with a kickstarter group to teach the tribes inhabitants quantum physics. Enthusiast of Popeyes Chicken & Budweiser. I like lift heavy weight become strong men.

KARALES: What was it about Vine that compelled you stick with that format and produce content for it regularly?

OBT: Since I started using it I noticed the community is a living cesspool of shit content and is unbearable. But has served as a good medium to hash my stupid sprouted ideas into visual form.

KARALES: When did you start to notice that you had generated a following?

OBT: Could care less about followers; I just post stupid shit to make people laugh. Some people enjoy my content and some dont.

KARALES: What was your inspiration behind “,Olive Garden?”

OBT: My goal is to get sponsored by Olive Garden. That was my 6 second audition tape to get noticed by their CEO. I am clearly fit to represent the Olive Garden franchise.

KARALES: Have you gotten any offers to do crossover Vines or sponsored videos?

OBT: Sponsored Vines are for nerds. I’m on Vine to do stupid shit and make people laugh. Never intended on making money on it.

KARALES: Do you intend on taking your brand of humor outside of Vine, into other mediums? 

Sinbad in the motion picture ‘First Kid’

OBT: Never thought about moving to a different platform. Vine is just something I do when I’m bored and have spare time. Never took it seriously.

KARALES: What do you consider the finest work in Sinbad’s filmography? 

OBT: Good Burger is fresh. Kenan & Kel were big influences growing up.

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