Cambridge Firefighter Jeremy Collins Wins ‘Survivor: Second Chance’

Jeremy Collins greets his family in the audience, holding the million dollar check.

The enduring reality series Survivor wrapped its thirty-first season last night. Dubbed ‘Second Chance’ for its 20 returning castaways, the competition was tougher than ever. But that didn’t stop Cambridge, MA firefighter Jeremy Collins, 37, from making it to the end of the game and winning in a 10-0-0 blowout against fellow fan favorites Latasha “Tasha” Fox and Spencer Bledsoe.

“My second chance is all about family, that’s it,” the father of three said during the game’s final tribal council. “I’m not doing it for nothing else.” 

Collins has been a fan-favorite since his original season San Juan Del Sur (where he placed 10th of 18), proving that he wasn’t there to take his second chance for granted.


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