Kardashian Dating Bieber – But Honestly, Who Gives a Flying Fuck?


A source told Us Weekly that Bieber, 21, said “he has been hooking up” with the 36-year-old star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The pair was seen together in Los Angeles, CA. on Friday.

But more importantly, who gives a shit? That’s great, another contrived romance based purely on star-fucking. Why does anyone care about this? We know a notable percentage of you do because you clicked this link. We see you, motherfuckers. And you ought to be ashamed of your interest in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ so to speak. That ‘love yourself’ bullshit doesn’t apply here. You are the shame of a nation. SHAME!


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  1. Why is it shameful to take an interest in the lives of others? People watch the Kardashians because their lives are atypical, and have changed in proportion to their exponential fame. They are a big family, and with that comes an innate chaos as lots of different personalities and lives clash and feed off of eachother. Being resentful of people who have more money and attention than they deserve is one thing, but don’t condemn the spectators. The Kardashians are just another version of the popular girls in high school; you can’t help but wonder about their lives and crave more information. If you can’t understand the Kardashian phenomenon then you’re missing the fundamental aspects of psychology, and human nature.

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