REVIEW: ‘Sicario’ Has The Brains to Challenge You

To those of you whom may be unaware, “sicario” is a word that when translated more or less means ‘hitman’. I’m not a multilingual expert or anything; I know this piece of information because the film tells you in the beginning. And without spoiling anything, yes the film does indeed contain hitmen. But it’s not that piece of information that’s important I think, it’s the fact that you don’t know, or maybe you do.

Telling the basic plot line of this film would just make it sound like an average ordinary run of the mill crime drama. Which I guess maybe technically you could say it is, but to just call it that would be missing out on the many layers underneath. Now to outline this average film. The story follows a woman named Kate (played by Emily Blunt) who’s an FBI agent who is taken out of her world to take on a much bigger case, drug cartels in Mexico, where she meets new people and faces challenges she’s never faced before. Yes, it’s that classic Coneheads plot we’re all used to by now.

Like I said, sounds pretty average on a surface level I’d say. But this is a film that forces you to really take on the point of view of our main character and travel with her through this world of drug cartels that, again, you either know about, or you don’t. But even if you do, I’d still say all that this film shows is pretty shocking. It’s one thing to know about something, but different to see it in your face, even though it is a movie.

Ultimately, Sicario is a film that has the brains to challenge you, as well as just plainly take you on its journey, no matter how unpleasant it will be. It’s a film that is wonderfully crafted about facing harsh realities, no matter who you are, we all have a price to pay at some point.



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