The Politics of Amazon vs. Apple

In response to article “Amazon is Bring Instant Video App to Apple TV”

For better or worse I see things very much through the lens of International Relations. I see the distribution of digital art as similar to the politics of the Cold War. (USSR) looks like a ‘hegemon’ in the making and is gaining more power but economically it will burst. The alliances they have are out of fear and they have created great resentment that will hurt them when the bubble bursts. Apple (USA/NATO) will only continue to gain power. It already has won the war of music and video distribution. The non-aligned countries (indie book stores) have no resentment toward Apple. They use their iPhones or tablets to use Square along with small press booksellers. They do not fear or dislike Apple but will always be skeptical and angry toward Amazon. Amazon, like the USSR, does not have the same power as Apple and giving Amazon their app is a small defeat for them in the long run. Amazon will always be a player but their power like the USSR is on borrowed time.



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