Neel Kolhatkar Takes a Shot at Liberal Cultism Sweeping Colleges

Australian comedian and filmmaker Neel Kolhatkar has had enough of liberalism polluting higher education. Modern Educayshun is a short film by the director that targets the bizarre and extreme form of liberalism that is currently rampant in schools and universities.

Kolhatkar has noted that universities now seem obsessed with ‘micro-aggressions’ and finding new reasons to be offended by anything and just about everything. By taking the comedic approach and setting his short film to a horror score, Kolhatkar has perfectly encapsulated and satirized the college experience for many. Students have felt the need to paint the current era as a secondary ‘Civil Rights’ period, rather than a time of selective racial inequality, in order to produce a feeling of self-importance by ‘fighting the powers at be.’ In this case, ‘fighting’ can be considered showing intolerance toward anyone’s opinions that do not resemble their own. There is a desperate need to be viewed as ‘good people’ and ‘all-encompassing’, to the point where that has taken priority over education and, well, showing acceptance.

You can watch Kolhatkar’s short here.


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