Humai Looks to End Death, Make Life Eternal

A Los Angeles based startup, Humai, is looking to exterminate death. CEO Josh Bocanegra and his team of specialists are looking to transplant human consciousness into durable machine technology.


Humai is an AI company with a mission to reinvent the afterlife. We want to resurrect the first human within 30 years.

The company is looking to make the greatest feat human history — and its CEO is making a bold statement. Bocanegra has gone on the record as saying he believes his team will be able to transfer human life and memories into artificial technology within 30 years.

Humai, since making headlines, has drawn its number of critics. Many have speculated that┬áthis may be a publicity stunt or a hoax, but Bocanegra refutres such claims. He’s been quoted as saying, “I accept death. I’m not afraid of it. But I’m not 100% sure I’m going to die one day.”

Are you interested in skirting death? Or do you view Humai and its mission statement as an abomination? Sound off and let us know!



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