The Goatman Tore Social Media to Fucking Shreds

Goatman? Goatman, you say? Yes, Goatman. Apparently there are people out there in the midwest United States claiming to have seen a mysterious “Goatman.” The photo, seen above, is supposedly a candid shot of the Goatman. If you ask us, it looks like a man in a bunny suit.

Cult of Weird describes a sighting from Louisville, KY where the Goatman is locally known as ‘The Pope Lick Monster.” Why is he known as that? Who the hells knows.

A large humanoid creature with furry, goat-like legs, alabaster skin, wide-set eyes, and horns that protrude from greasy fur.

“Greasy fur.” Perhaps this Goatman is a fan of Pizza Hut.

The Goatman, seen chillin’

Three sightings were reported in Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Texas. Is he real? Is he actually a white Bonobo ape? Nobody knows. And nobody will ever know, because that’s the nature of urban legends.

If we had to bet on one mythic creature being real though, we’d put our money on The Mothman. There was some good evidence toward his/its existence long before the days of Photoshop. Look into that one, instead.


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